Construction Accident Law

Construction Accident Personal Injury Cases

Construction Accident Personal Injury Cases
Written by Roland Barclay

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. You can be awarded compensation for your medical bills and ongoing treatment costs, as well as lost wages and time off work due to your injuries. You can also seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Although many states now allow the compensation of personal injury claims to be covered by insurance policies, the value of the damages can vary significantly. To find out how much you can receive, you should request a free consultation with a lawyer.

Most construction accident personal injury cases never need to go to trial. However, if you are unable to receive fair compensation through workers’ compensation, a personal injury trial attorney can fight your case in court. An experienced attorney will know whether your case is strong enough to proceed to trial, and he will advise you accordingly. A trial attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf and present your case to a judge or jury to determine if you’re entitled to compensation.

The police report

The police report will help prove that the accident happened, and will save you time and money. Your medical records will highlight the extent of your injuries and provide evidence for a personal injury claim. You will also need to show evidence of your pain and suffering, as this is an essential piece of evidence. This proof will allow you to be compensated for the suffering you have endured. These factors are essential to your claim. When you have suffered an injury on a construction site, you can file a personal injury lawsuit for your medical expenses.

The compensation you can receive from your personal injury claim depends on the type of damages you’re able to obtain. In some cases, you can be awarded compensation for lost wages and medical bills as a result of the accident. If the accident was caused by another party, you can also file a third-party negligence lawsuit to recover compensation for the full cost of your injuries. If you can prove that the at-fault party is responsible, you might be able to win your personal injury claim.

Prove that the defendant was negligent

In addition to personal injury claims, the family of a deceased construction worker can be compensated for the death of their loved one. The family of the deceased worker may be eligible for monetary compensation for loss of income and pain and suffering. But the proving of fault will depend on the category of the accident. In general, victims of general negligence must prove that the defendant was negligent and could have controlled the situation without their negligence. They can also obtain a statement from the construction worker’s employer before knowing the extent of the injury.

In order to win your personal injury case, you will have to prove that the person was negligent in some way. In most cases, you will be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages. Moreover, if a third party has been negligent, you may also be eligible for a claim for compensation. In addition to workers’ compensation, you can also file a lawsuit against a manufacturer of dangerous equipment.

Your lawyer should be able to identify the negligent party

In cases involving third parties, your lawyer should be able to identify the negligent party. This party may be the owner of the construction site or another company. In addition, you can also sue the owner of the job site. The owner and a general contractor may be liable for the accident. If you are not able to reach a resolution with your insurer, you can sue for damages from that party.

In New York, personal injury statute of limitations is three years after the date of the accident. This allows you to collect evidence and investigate the accident. Despite the time limit, it is essential to seek legal representation as soon as possible. As a result, you have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawsuit must be filed within this time period. If you are able to show that the other party was negligent, you can also file a claim.

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