Construction Accident Law

The Importance of a Construction Accident Lawyer

The Importance of a Construction Accident Lawyer
Written by Roland Barclay

When you or a loved one is injured while working on a construction site, it is critical to seek the advice of a qualified Construction Accident Lawyer. This article will discuss the different types of claims and cases you may be eligible to pursue, including OSHA liability and Worker’s compensation. It will also explain the importance of experience in this area. A construction accident lawyer should have extensive knowledge of all these areas, and can help you secure the peace of mind and financial future you deserve.

Worker’s compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you may need the services of a construction accident lawyer for worker’s compensation. This is because on-the-job accidents often result from a violation of safety rules. An experienced Houston construction accident attorney will carefully investigate the accident and contact leading experts to testify in court about the seriousness of the injuries and the amount of compensation you are entitled to. Because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, many companies will try to avoid responsibility by denying claims.

In addition, if you already had an injury from a previous job, workers’ compensation may cover your injury. However, if the injury you sustained was the result of a previous injury, your claim may be more difficult to win. In such a case, the workers’ compensation carrier may try to blame your prior condition for your current injury, such as a preexisting knee condition. A previous knee injury, for example, may have made you more susceptible to falling from a ladder or tripping on stairs.

Third-party lawsuits

Despite the fact that an employer has the primary responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment, many other parties can be liable for the injuries or deaths that result from a construction accident. These individuals can be sued for breach of duty on behalf of construction accident victims. Among these defendants is the owner of the construction site, if it acted negligently. To qualify as a third-party defendant, the owner must have substantial control over the premises.

The law of construction sites often includes laws requiring contractors, property owners, and other entities to have insurance. Unfortunately, many construction workers are injured on the job, and they may not be aware that they have the right to make such claims against third parties. Third-party liability is important because it can result in significant compensation for victims. A construction accident lawyer can work to identify the parties responsible and pursue all available avenues.

OSHA liability

As a construction accident attorney, you have likely investigated the possibility of OSHA liability. OSHA liability occurs when the employer or contractor fails to provide safe working conditions for workers. The law also applies to projects controlled by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is responsible for many airports and the World Trade Center, as well as most public school projects in the City. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) also maintains information on workplace safety.

While OSHA sets safety standards on construction sites, it hasn’t been able to reduce the number of construction worker deaths and injuries, despite the federal government spending a significant amount of money to enforce these regulations. If you are a construction accident victim, you need an experienced legal professional to fight on your behalf. Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green, P.C., is a New York construction accident law firm that can answer your questions regarding OSHA liability.

Experience of a construction accident lawyer

If you have been injured on the job in a construction accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney has extensive experience in representing injured construction workers and has enormous resources to draw from. The founding attorney of Ferrara Law Firm is a past president of the New Jersey Trial Lawyers Association and the Civil Justice Foundation, and he frequently lectures on personal injury lawsuits. His experience and success rate have led to million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients.

When accidents occur, it is imperative to hire a construction accident attorney who has a strong understanding of the regulatory framework of construction sites and the laws and regulations in place to protect the health and safety of construction workers. Accident lawyers at Friend, Levinson, and Turner understand the laws and regulations in place on construction sites and will diligently research and pursue accidents that occurred due to unsafe working conditions. Our attorneys understand the devastating financial impact of a construction accident and are prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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