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Why Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer is Important?

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Written by Roland Barclay

Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer is important for a number of reasons. First, construction accidents are one of the leading causes of worker fatalities and serious injuries. While OSHA is responsible for enforcing safety standards, workers compensation may not be enough to cover the injuries and expenses you have incurred.

In such cases, it can be beneficial to file a third-party claim against individuals or companies that were at fault for the accident.

Construction accidents are the leading cause of worker fatalities

While the number of workers killed in construction accidents is still high, the rate of nonfatal injuries is significantly lower. Approximately ninety-six percent of all construction-related injuries occur from contact with objects, such as machinery, pipes, and ducts. Nearly half of all nonfatal falls occur due to slips, trips, and falls on the same level. The leading cause of self-inflicted injuries is overexertion.

One-fifth of all worker fatalities in construction are caused by falling objects or equipment. Workers must wear hard hats to protect themselves against debris and falling objects, but they are at risk of being struck by overhead equipment or falling objects. Falling objects are among the leading causes of injury-related deaths, with more than six million accidents involving falling objects and equipment every year. Listed below are some of the most common causes of construction-related fatalities.

OSHA is responsible for enforcing safety rules

In order to prevent injuries and illnesses at construction sites, OSHA has a variety of regulations. These regulations are published in the Federal Register, which is the legal journal of the federal government. OSHA’s enforcement efforts are prioritized based on imminent danger, catastrophic events, and worker complaints. The agency also conducts follow-up inspections to ensure that construction sites are safe. There are a number of different safety rules that must be adhered to, so it’s crucial that all construction sites comply with them.

One of the most common violations on construction sites is the duty to provide fall protection. Last year, OSHA inspected 6,225 construction sites for violations of this rule. It issued 6,500 citations and collected more than $25 million from businesses. An average fine is $4,000 for a violation of this regulation. Employers are required to provide fall protection for workers 6 feet above lower levels or other areas.

Workers’ compensation is not enough to cover injuries

Injuries in construction can be particularly serious, and the financial ramifications of not being able to work are significant. Not only will you lose income, but your medical bills will also mount. Some of the most common non-fatal injuries in construction are back aches, injuries to multiple body parts, and various hand and neck and shoulder injuries. Pennsylvania companies are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage for all of their employees. If you suffer an injury while working, contact your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company to see if they will cover your medical bills.

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit for the medical bills you’ve incurred. Workers’ compensation covers medical bills and partial replacement of lost wages for injured construction workers. However, in many cases, workers’ compensation does not cover the entire cost of an accident in construction. For this reason, a construction accident lawyer is critical. The right lawyer can help you determine if you have a viable case.

Third-party claims against individuals or companies can help

In a construction accident, the parties responsible for causing the injury are usually other parties that are not directly responsible for the accident. These third parties may include equipment manufacturers, maintenance crews, property owners, and even drivers. A construction accident lawyer may be able to file a claim against these third parties in order to obtain compensation for the victim’s injuries. These claims can help victims recover millions of dollars, as well as closure from the incident and protect other construction workers.

In addition to workers’ compensation, a construction accident lawyer may also pursue third-party claims against individuals or companies responsible for the accident. A third-party claim may be filed against the property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or equipment manufacturer for their negligence. While this type of claim requires additional work, it can make a huge difference in a construction accident victim’s financial situation.

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